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What will win in a fight for survival against mutated insects, harsh sourroundings and other survivors - LUV or MUTANTS?

This one-page game is based on the Lasers & Feelings TTRPG.

It is set in a movie inspired world, where a chemical havoc caused all cold-blooded animals to mutate and destroy most of human civilisation.

You play a group of survivors in this harsh world, testing your skills and teamwork. 

2-6 players recommended + GM (game master).

Question: Why do you spell the words 'love' and 'monsters' so funny?

Answer: Because I don't want to get sued. So please don't or reach out before you do.

Art by the amazing @cottonbro

Install instructions

The game is available as .pdf .png and markdown. The later is a clear text version for accessibility. Despite the .md extension you can read it with every text editor.

The provided charakter sheet is meant for online playing. I might update a printer-friendly version in the future, though it is not needed to play at all.


There is a german version now!

Das Spiel gibt es nun auch in deutscher Ausgabe!


LuvAndMutantsV1.md 3 kB
LuvAndMutantsV1.pdf 1 MB
LuvAndMutantsV1.png 1 MB
L&M_charsheet.png 528 kB
L&M_charakter_datenblatt_german.png 186 kB
LuvAndMonsterV2_german.pdf 2 MB
LuvAndMonsterV2_german.png 1 MB

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